Content Design & Production content authoring, design, and production teams, expertise, and facilities combine to provide production services for DVD, Web, Live, and streaming presentations in the fields of:

  • on-line and print documentation, design, and production
  • authoring, translation, localization, and review
  • content markup, integration, linking, navigation
  • animation design, development, and production
  • video editing, compositing, post-production
  • music composition, arrangements, production
  • soundtracks, special effects

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contentserv provide new media, web, and print publishing services :

  • for Compound Documents
    • Web Sites & Portals
    • Computer Animation
    • Video & Compositing
    • Music & Sound Tracks
    • Technical and Reference Manuals

  • to Output Media
    • FTP/SCP, files for Web sites and portals
    • DVD/CD for portable media output
    • MPEG/SWF for video files
    • MP3/Wav audio files
    • PDF files for network and print

  • with Advanced Services
    • Document restoration
    • Duplication, Labeling
    • Specialty Printing
    • Mastering